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Originally Posted by FBGuy13 View Post
Hi everyone,

I don't post very often, as I mainly view the boards and PM people to do some buy/sell deals, but I have done 100+ deals with board members here since 2007, and have 50 positive iTrader and am an eBay power/top rated seller (I am wholesalesportslots on EBay) that has been selling since the year 2000. I felt a need to make this important post to clear something up after I just found out something when I completed another smooth several thousand dollar deal with board member broncomanning18 - he is a top notch person to deal with, and easily one of the top 5 people Iíve dealt with over the last few years.

I met broncomanning18 - whose name is Jason - a few years ago through eBay - and in fact I didn't even know Jason was broncomanning18 until we completed this last deal this week. Jason won an eBay auction a few years ago, and from that we chatted and did a $500 deal, and then a few several thousand dollar deals. We also exchanged phone numbers - and chatted on phone several times about what cards he was looking for, what teams he liked, etc - Iím from Wisconsin (go Pack), he's from Texas (go Aggies) - anyways Jason has been easily the nicest person Iíve made deals with - and he pays for everything quickly - and I always ship w/in a day of payment - so I've been able to hook him up with some good card deals over the years. In all our dealings though and since we met through eBay we never even talked about any card forums or anything - and we just did direct deals through email or by phone.

We had not done a deal in over 6 months, until we recently chatted and made this deal this week - after making the deal, he brought up about a bad experience he had on the blowout cards forums where he lost some money and cards to a guy named Haiku through a scam - as Jason said he trusted this guy and thought he was his friend, and he said he knows now he was too trusting and learned a lesson from it - but that others on the board thought he was in on a scam as well and he told me it has been blowing over but he felt attacked by some board members and said it was just a terrible experience that he's glad is behind him.

After I got that email from Jason I was like WHOA - as I might not post much but I am on this board every day reading a lot of the threads - so of course I was familiar w/ the Haiku situation - I responded back to Jason asking if he was broncomanning18 on the boards and he confirmed - as I did read those large threads and saw him attacked by many. I wanted to post this as I wanted to 100% backup broncomanning18 - and let you know you won't find a better member (other than myself ) to deal with! Jason is a really easy going guy - makes very fair deals - and pays right away. It is not easy to make deals around here - and is it easy to make $500 or $1,000 or more (Iíve done several deals over $2K w/ him)? The answer is NO - it's hard to complete deals for $50 half the time.

So anyways - small world here and I just wanted everyone to know - anyone who gave broncomanning18 a hard time, or thought he was in on any scam - NO NO NO - Jason is a top notch board member, who will do whatever he can to help a person out and he loves cards and likes to buy and sell and make deals. It is that simple & of course he was down about things as he lost money and cards - but as he told me he did in the long run learn a lesson as well. I just hope this post would help clear his name a bit - as wow when I re-read now some of those threads about the Haiku stuff - it's amazing what people will accuse others with. I only wish I knew that Jason was broncomanning18 sooner - as this post would have been made sooner. And check out broncomanning18's iTrader feedback - I believe I saw it is over 100+ all positive.

One last thing - as I told Jason I've been buying/selling on the internet since 2000 and am probably one of the lucky ones who has not had a single PayPal chargeback or issue w/ an eBay buyer - I believe this is because I treat people with respect and I do like to trust people as well. I also told Jason that through the years I have done deals with several for several years and have sent cards before payment to those Iíve done a lot of deals with and got to know through the internet well - because at some point in this world you have to trust people - at least that's how I live life. I've been fortunate to never have been burned. Jason said he learned from it and would be more cautious in future dealings - which I applaud. Still - there needs to be more people in this world like Jason and myself that don't immediately assume that all people are evil or bad, and believe that others can be trusted.

Ok thanks for reading and thank you broncomanning18 for doing another awesome deal - enjoy the nice lot! This post is meant to share my very positive experiences making deals with Jason - and I fully endorse making deals with him. I don't post much, so if I do it has to be something important. Ok enjoy your day everyone - and hopefully this will help everyone see what a good person broncomanning18 is - and to end any doubts people may have had regarding him being scammed by Haiku - some even thought he was connected to him or in on it - ABSOLUTELY NOT! For years Jason has been a pleasure to talk to and make deals with.

Jason - I look forward to making more deals with you soon! I recommend everyone try to deal with him at some point - it will be a nice buy/sell/trade experience that I can guarantee you. Great guy to deal with or talk sports with. Ok have a great day everyone!

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