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Originally Posted by Cujobyte View Post
Ok guys. So, most of you know I've had some pretty bad luck as of late in breaking.

Well it all turned around with this release. My friend's comic shop got one lonley box of bbt in. I quickly saw they were only selling by the pack. Almost in a frantic mode, I asked "how many packs are gone". They replied none, as no one showed interest.

So, asked how much for the box. (I get 10% discount, it IS my friend's shop after all lol). $92 and change. WELL......... I'm still on cloud 9 as of today. Seriously. Biggest hit of my life.

WOW!!!! Congrats!
I'd be kicking myself for selling it, lol.
He's probably happy that you got it though then some stranger
I'm glad no one bought any packs and snagged it.
What was your auto and costume hit?
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