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Originally Posted by CAS239 View Post
When I opened a box I opened one pack and it only had one card inside. Nothing special, just regular base. Also had another pack that was already open. Contained a Sheldon wardrobe and about 5 other base cards. No biggie on the opened pack, but still, it was opened.

Do I contact Crypto about the pack only having 1 card and the already opened pack? Where do I go to contact them and what will they do more than likely? Never had to contact them before this
Your Sheldon wardrobe was more than likely supposed to be in the pack with the single base card but somehow ended up in a regular 5 card pack. The extra pack thickness then prevented it from sealing properly.

I had almost the same thing in a box...a pack with a single base card, but the very next pack was extra contained 5 base cards and the Penny Auto/Wardrobe.

Sometimes crazy things happen on the packaging line.
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