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Originally Posted by broncomanning18 View Post
Thanks Brian, I appreciate the support, and anyone else who supported me. Brian and I did a card deal earlier this week and I just told him what happened and he is a good friend so he decided to support me. Yes he writes alot. The rest of you need to grow up, I am sorry that one page is too many words for you. I guess most of you have nothing better to do than just try to cut people down.
It is what it is Jason...don't waste your time. People are going to think what they will and say what they want no matter if it's true or false, fact or fiction. I just did a $1.2k deal this week with Jason and it went super smoooooth. In fact, one of the smoooothest high-end deals I've ever had. He was very professional, curtious and polite. He sent instant payment with NO BS. If you have NO proof of anything then you have NO right to be slandering this mans name...period. Unless some kind of proof or true accusations are brought forward, the negative comments need to stop. I'm sure this little write-up won't make anyone think any differently, but I wanted to put it out there that he's a great guy and NO issues with the transaction. It's up to you if you choose not to deal with him, but in the end it's your is what it is. Thanks again Jason and enjoy that lot!!

Originally Posted by epic23 View Post
I will never do a transaction with broncomanning, regardless of what anyone says. I will never believe he wasn't complicit in the haiku scam.
Really man?! Did you personally have a bad experience with him?! Do you have proof that he was involved?! If so, where/when can I get me some?! I just did a nice "high-end" deal with him a few days ago...paid instantly without hesitation and was very professional/polite. To each his own I guess.
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