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Originally Posted by epic23 View Post
I will never do a transaction with broncomanning, regardless of what anyone says. I will never believe he wasn't complicit in the haiku scam.
I won't go as far to say that he was "complicit" but I have enough of a belief that I won't do any deals with him.

Originally Posted by KevJo View Post
Guys I was suspicious of this long "Giving Props" thread. It looked suspicious in its length. But its one thing to say you would never deal with broncomanning18. But to implicate him in the Haiku scam with zero proof of it is simply bearing false witness. In no way am I telling someone what they can post but. To me simply saying you will not deal with someone is your right and opinion. To accuse someone is entriely a different thing when there is no proof only assumptions.

"Zero proof"? While there is no smoking gun did you even read the Haiku thread? There is more than enough proof to me. I have little to no doubt that not only was he not scammed by Haiku but that he profited by it. Just my opinions for what it is worth. I think the op did far more harm than good for Bronco with his love letter here.
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