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Update to the story:
After carefully considering the situation and trying to do the 'right thing', I ultimately told him I would honor the 14 day refund listed if he followed proper ebay policies in returning the item to my confirmed address.

He ended up sending the card back on Feb 6 from California via Priority Mail with DC. Didn't hear back from him until today when he asked why the refund wasn't made yet.

With the tracking # he emailed me, the package was last scanned on Feb 8 and the tracking info abruptly stopped from there from the Kearny NJ sorting center.

This was the night of the big blizzard, so I speculate that something might have happened to this package. I checked with my neighbors, etc and no package was delivered or signed for.

It doesn't appear that the package was insured/nor was signature confirmation purchased (the ebay value was >$250), so it look like someone will be out the $$$ at the end of the day. Situation kind of stinks all around but I am fortunate that I didn't get sent back a box of bricks or something...Ed
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