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Originally Posted by kparpart View Post
Really man?! Did you personally have a bad experience with him?! Do you have proof that he was involved?! If so, where/when can I get me some?! I just did a nice "high-end" deal with him a few days ago...paid instantly without hesitation and was very professional/polite. To each his own I guess.
I don't need proof. It's my opinion of him.

Love letters like the OP are part of what helped Haiku garner so much trust here. They're completely unnecessary and serve no real purpose. He pays quickly and ships next day? Newsflash: That should be EXPECTED, not PRAISED. Members that don't comply with the terms of a deal need to start getting neutrals and negs.

Broncomanning dug his own grave by defending Haiku even after the handwriting was on the wall. Then, to top it off, when he realized he was 'scammed," he started asking every member to send him $1 to recoup his "loss." If not another scam attempt, one of the most pathetic things I've seen in my life.

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