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Default Vampire Diaries Season 2 case break

What, not a BBT break??? Yeah, I'm a month or two behind the times. Thanks Cujobyte for the quick shipping and great customer service!

Box #1
A5 Kat Graham (Bonnie) autograph
M7 Damon Salvatore wardrobe

Box #2
A18 Trent Ford (Trevor) autograph
DM1 Mason Lockwood/Sheriff Forbes dual wardrobe
M5 Sheriff Forbes wardrobe

Box #3
A17 Randy Goodwin (Dr. Martin) autograph
M7 Damon Salvatore wardrobe

Box #4
A15 Lauren Cohan (Rose) autograph
M23 Bonnie Bennett wardrobe

Box #5
A14 Taylor Kinney (Mason Lockwood) autograph
DM4 Matt Donovan/Caroline Forbes dual wardrobe
M18 Luka wardrobe

Box #6
A15 Lauren Cohan (Rose) autograph
M27 Matt Donovan wardrobe

Box #7
A9 Matt Davis (Alaric) autograph
M9 Elena Gilbert wardrobe

Box #8
A8 Michael Trevino (Tyler) autograph
M21 Caroline Forbes wardrobe

Box #9
A20 Susan Walters (Carol Lockwood) autograph
DM6 Jeremy Gilbert/Bonnie Bennett dual wardrobe
M26 Mason Lockwood wardrobe
M15 Jeremy Gilbert wardrobe

Box #10
A12 Daniel Gillies (Elijah) autograph
M11 Katherine Pierce wardrobe
M13 Jules wardrobe

Box #11
A21 Marguerite MacIntyre (Sheriff Forbes) autograph
M25 Elena Gilbert wardrobe
M12 Rose wardrobe

Box #12
A2 Paul Wesley (Stefan) autographed wardrobe
M8 Stefan Salvatore wardrobe

on the other insert sets, I got:
KP1 x4, KP2 x3, KP3 x4, KP4 x2, KP5 x4, KP6 x3, KP7 x4
BTS1 x2, BTS2 x5, BTS3 x3, BTS4 x2, BTS5 x2, BTS6 x2, BTS7 x1, BTS8 x4, BTS9 x2

Unfortunately no Nina autograph, but it was still a fun break.
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