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I agree with you Bam even though I am just doing my first group break with Karl and even though I have not yet traded etc. I do not open hardly anything because I primarily sell boxes and supplies at local shows. I have found that I have extraordinarily bad luck when it comes to opening wax so I stay away. I however, have been reading these boards for a long time and think the board is great. Perhaps having said the stuff I just said I should not comment but I feel I must. This board has changed dramatically. You are right..we all are new at some point but it seems now that newbies just want to sell their stuff or do breaks which are in some cases already being done by someone else. At times what should be a discussion turns into what can be called verbal abuse. I used to read every thread posted but now I skip more than I read. That's too bad because there are some very bright folks on here who's opinions are important, educational, helpful and varied and although I try to read just what I think is important it gets trying to sort thru all the garbage. Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes but I have been thinking the same stuff as Bam for awhile now.
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