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Originally Posted by sblez View Post
I bid 9000 so the next person that bids will be the high bidder! If this goes for 20k or less it will get paid for IMHO!
why even bid now? do you think you will win at 9k?

Reason I say that is I could go bid 12,000 with a few clicks, but I know in the back of my mind that bid will not win it so its pointless to place a bid.

You are saying 20k or less it will be paid for, well why don't you offer 15,000 offline?..easy 5k profit, right?...why bid a 9k if you believe its worth 20k? LOL, but you bid early and announce it here for everyone to see as if to beg people to outbid you, why? LMAO

If I did not believe the entire luck market was total BS inflation I would go ask him myself to end it, but there is no way in hell I would touch Luck high end with Nat Turner, Danny Gold etc...playing in the market..

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