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Originally Posted by horton View Post
That is nice, how long did it take you to complete? I have recently started working on a 1970 psa 8 or better set and figured it would take probably 5 years to complete.
took me 2 years do build the set...

There is a LCS that is probably one of the biggest vintage dealers in midwest close to me...

He got me 150 commons all ex nm in one shot...

So i had it easy compared to most... half the set done..

But the rest took a while....

As far as the psa 7 side.. doubt i will every finish... it is fun to do... the chase...

The big guys are the easy part... the commons is tough..

if i ever did finsh it psa... im sure there would be quite a few psa 6's which is fine with me..

can't tell the difference in most cases
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