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Originally Posted by forgiven1 View Post
I can see that 1of1 going for more than $600-$750 easily!....He already got an $800 offer!...Cant you read?....No disrespect!...
For those of us who attended school past 5th grade might observe him saying "I PAID A LOT MORE THAN THAT" (Referring to the $750 price tag). Since he never defined "A LOT MORE" my guess his he paid more than 800.

so for you saying "I can see that selling for $600 easily!" you look like the one who can't read, no disrespect.

My guess is he is losing 100+ after taxes if he sells it on the bay.

though it is refreshing to know "I am looking for a price that is close to the BIN of $10K" (per his response to the inquiry of what price he would take for it in the listing) that he will be adding it to his collection, forever.
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