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Originally Posted by forgiven1 View Post
I can see that 1of1 going for more than $600-$750 easily!....He already got an $800 offer!...Cant you read?....No disrespect!...
For those of us who attended school past 5th grade might observe him saying "I PAID A LOT MORE THAN THAT" (Referring to the $750 price tag). Since he never defined "A LOT MORE" my guess his he paid more than 800.

so for you saying "I can see that selling for $600 easily!" you look like the one who can't read, no disrespect.

My guess is he is losing 100+ after taxes if he sells it on the bay.

though it is refreshing to know "I am looking for a price that is close to the BIN of $10K" (per his response to the inquiry of what price he would take for it in the listing) that he will be adding it to his collection, forever.
Since these are your cards please have a price in mind. Thank you !
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