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Default 1 Box and 4 loose packs of Elite

Figured I'd try this out. There was a box w/ 4 loose packs left and figured I'd grab them and a box. Nothing really good out of the loose packs, but here's everything from them all. Let me know how you think I did

Gold Status Die-Cut:
Tony Allen 12/24

Alexey Shved 474/599
Draymond Green 93/599

Terrence Jones (Rookie Inscriptions)
Kevin Murphy (Rookie Inscriptions)

Grant Hill
Kevin Durant

Dominators Materials:
Zach Randolph

Dwayne Wade
Marcin Gortat
Kevin Love

Prime Numbers:
Kobe Bryant
Scott Skiles

Aspirations Die-Cut
Marshon Brooks 52/91

Rookie Series Elite:
Derrick Williams
Bradley Beal Gold 19/24

and the savior of the box....

Turn of the Century Signatures:
Kevin Durant Auto Redemption
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