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Default The Big Bang Theory Season 3 & 4 Case (2 Auto/Costumes!)

I just finished opening my best case ever!! I bought a case from Cujobyte (thank you SO much Nick - amazing service as usual, and WOW, what a case!!!)

In the very first pack of the first box I opened I hit a Sheldon auto/costume card. I was in shock. About half-way through I opened a box with 2 printing plates AND a Bernadette auto/costume!! YES- two in one case. (Sorry to the people who didn't have one in their case.) I also found a color print test card. The only negative thing was that one of my boxes was missing an autograph card - 5 of the packs only had 2 cards in each so I assume it should have been in one of those... Think I should contact Crypto? I would feel kinda bad after opening such an awesome case, but then again, it should have had an autograph card in there.

Here's a breakdown in photos of each box, followed by a photo of my favorite hits from the case. Sorry - nothing is for sale/trade.


Box #2:

Box #3:

Box #4:

Box #5:

Box #6:

Box #7:

Box #8:

Box #9:

Box #10:

Box #11:

Box #12:

My case faves:

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