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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
Why are you so stressed out? You try to compare it to glonbott but its a completely different story. Glonbott actually manipulated the market by faking actual sales.

Sportscarditup has a card listed high. There is an accusation that he faked the message. A message. Not a sale. It's different.
Not that big of a difference. Since his is a 1/1 he can't fake auctions because everyone knows it's him, so he does the next best thing...fake offers. It's convenient that the person offering $3,000 didn't just make an offer and sent him a message which...conveniently gets shown on the auction page.

And you're right, it is only an accusation, but that's because he won't say who made the offer which would quite easily clear this right up.
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