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Originally Posted by fullmetal View Post
For those who hold buyer feedback hostage, I have a question.

If the buyer is unhappy with his purchase, but provided you timely payment does that change how you rate them? Seems unfair to the buyer.

That method means that the buyer is thus responsible for the entire transaction. I leave feedback immediately for the paying buyer because I expect them to provided a fair assessment of me and not worry about how I retaliate. I did this before the feedback change too. I realize that most didn't follow this example and eBay changed their feedback system because unhappy buyers were scared to leave truthful feedback because retaliatory sellers would leave negatives for buyers who completed their half of the transaction.

That is like a chef deciding if he will cook a great meal or a crappy meal based on a patron's pre-meal evaluation.
Everything I highlighted above is whats wrong with this site. I like everything else about this site. I have met some great people here. I cannot understand for the life of me how a seller can even process leaving anything but positive feedback if the buyer paid instantly.Look at it this way.

Someone pays instantly. A seller does not ship for a couple weeks and provides no communication what so ever.The seller still has the right to leave a neg on the buyer? Until that glitch is fixed this site will not get alot of respect in the real card world. I guess I just dont understand why they dont fix it. It would save the mods so much time and work if it was addressed. Sellers and slow shippers know they can neg buyers on here and thats why they ship whenever they feel like it. I know people dont like hearing that but its the dead spot on truth. The truth is not always pretty.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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