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Here's a few more pickups from the past couple of months to catch me up, then some that came in today.

Mary Bellamy Kitty Ditties sketch
Jez Rojales Warlord of Mars sketch of Dejah Thoris

If you've seen some of my breaks, you know I like the Breygent z-sketch cards. These are 8x10 pieces of paper that fold up to regular sketch card size. I was able to pick up some AP's from Chris Foulkes:

Red Sonja by Chris Foulkes (AP)

Dejah Thoris by Chris Foulkes (AP)

Sexy Witch by Chris Foulkes (AP)

Now here's sketches I've picked up this week. First up is a Katie Cook... if you want a cheap Cook sketch for your collection, you can pick up an Indiana Jones sketch for $20.

Irina Spalko from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by Katie Cook

Finally, here are some Star Wars ROTBH sketches I picked up for my set:

Plo Koon by Jeff Confer
Anakin Skywalker by Brent Engstrom
Ahsoka Tano by Amy Pronovost
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