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^^I wasn't addressing this site. I was addressing eBay, but appreciate you tying the topic to a problem here.

I've simply read over and over again from sellers who withhold feedback (until feedback is left by the buyer) that they withhold judgement until after the buyer judges. The buyer's feelings regarding the transaction have no bearing on how the seller rates the buyer.

Fraud isn't an excuse because eBay will remove the feedback if the buyer is deemed fraudulent. If a seller waits that signals to me a less than stellar seller.

A buyer pays in 10 minutes, that is a positive. The recipient seller ships three weeks later and poorly packages, thus receiving a negative. The seller should NOT be allowed to wait to see. His crap job selling shouldn't impact the buyer's perfect job. Under eBay's old payment system buyers rarely left negatives or neutrals because they KNEW they would get a retaliatory negative. Thus, buyers never got a true feel for a prospective seller because everyone pussy-footed truthful feedback.

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