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Some of you guys make it really hard to sit on the sidelines and not chime in - I said i was going to be done posting - broncomanning is being so falsely accused it is a shame. PM HIM OR CALL HIM! He has nothing to hide - I've never made easier deals than with him. Everyone is so hung up on how he gets or makes his money - it is just rediculous. People are really reaching to try to accuse him of things. It is nice to see some have come to his defense. If you have any questions - just contact broncomanning - seriously just talk to him. Would a scammer or someone who did all those who are accusing him of doing really take the time to PM or call people or take a call? Would they really stick around and make deals buying and selling with board members or keep selling on Ebay? Of course they wouldn't.

Razorsharp79 - i just saw you said something about "OP signed up in 2007" blah blah - ok so now you are trying to think that broncomanning opened my account as well - this is rediculous - i'm a good member who has tried to help clear Jason's name - and I'd do this for anyone who has been so wrongly and falsely accused. See this is how things get out of control - I've seen so many rediculous comments now trying to make ME the OP the bad guy??? Unreal - my reputation stands for itself and those who know me and have bought/sold deals from/to me know i am a great member to deal with. The purpose of this thread was to clear a persons name.

The accusing of broncomanning has to stop - you know why you don't see any evidence that shows broncomanning did something bad - BECAUSE HE HASN'T - yes it is that simple.

I swear some don't have anything better to do with their time than try to ruin the reputation of others. Jason - i'm sorry you have to go through this - totally not deserved.
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