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Originally Posted by 1eyed_jack View Post
Oh yeah, I forgot about that! Didn't he hype it way up then when he opened his box refused to say what he go because it didn't live up to the hype?
I didn't see the thread about that, however, he joined Ozcardtrader and started going on and on about Fleer Retro saying it's the best product ever and it will surpass all 90's inserts in Value and be the next big thing!

What happened to Retro, is exactly what i said would happen, hype died down and now its a joke.

We had pages and pages of back and forth....

I came to the conclusion that Gio, has some deluded point of view that i have never come across before, his intelligence is limited to picking apart type o's and not ever getting to a real fact or point of view that makes sense.

He says the NBA today is bigger then it was back in 1993, i could go on and on about the nonsense he came up with, but as most people know, no-one has to point out he's and idiot, he does that all on his own.

Btw, he got banned over there too.

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