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I side with Dan on this one.

i understand that you can't expect people to have a photographic memory, but you would *think* somebody would remember a transaction they made with a member that completely and utterly #@#@#@#@ed this place less than a month later.

you would think so. Especially when he was so quick after the scam broke to post a list of cards asking for them back as well as ask for a dollar from each person.

meh, shrugs. if you guys want to be lemmings, fall for it again. give him a dollar too. (speaking of which, did bronco give back the dollars he got from people's sympathy now that paypal saved his life?)

and he really could just be a victim, but he's dumb enough to give away 11k plus cards without payment, he really needs a new hobby. Regardless, he's been tainted by this situation and i just don't know if I could trust him.
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