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Originally Posted by Razorsharp79 View Post
I have looked at your ebay, there is absolutely no way you are making a living off what you are selling after fees and shipping etc under your KDG201 account, unless you have more than one account... that is not a knock on you, just common sense.

Now, you said you had saved 16k total $ to your name and that was tied up in cards bc that is your job, no money coming in from anywhere, and you talked to a guy online for 1 month and decided he was trustworthy enough to blow 11k gift on mystery lots right? Ok, well where did you get the 11k from since all your $ was tied up in cards already? Also, did you advertise how much you had spent in a Haiku thread?

I have been told personally by paypal under no circumstance is a gift payment refunded by paypal, this was a few weeks ago. They told me on the phone a gift payment is refunded if buyer funded the amount from a credit card and can pursue a chargeback or the SELLER manually refunds the buyer. The fee is there for a reason. If they made a special refund for you and it was found out they would be SOL

And for a guy like the OP to come and gush is what I call face washing. It is an attempt to glorify someone, but for what? He did what he was supposed to do, + feedback, and you fulfilled your end...I could see a PM thanking one another, but why announce it, what purpose does it serve...sounds like OP is trying to make you more than you are

Not accusing you of anything, but man there are some strange questions around you.

Some questions I have outside of what I said above are these

You realized on the dec 17th just after midnight you were scammed right?

You posted asking how long the suspension for foul language right? Seems like you were asking this on the behalf of Haiku? Why worry? People get suspended all the time for minor violations

Hour later you told everyone to file claim right after speaking to Haiku and he said he was going out of town right?

Why does Haiku going out of town call for everyone having to file a claim?

A lot of things make no sense, funny you signed up 2 weeks after Haiku did here, what a coincidence.. you have been a member on ebay since 2005...your first sale was in 2007 there....yet you just signed up here, funny OP signed up here in 2007...could you be more than one person here I wonder...? People can put any location in their ID here or ebay so that is not a alibi...hmmm questions that I am sure you will dodge

Plus I find it hard for someone who has not bought a card over 10 bucks on ebay in a month to be making a livin flipping cards. Again you might have more accounts...there are not that many flippable cards to be had here
Razor - sorry man but just noticed looking back you really seem to be slamming me the OP. It's amazing that when someone actually takes time to write something nice about a great board member that they end up getting bashed. I wrote this thread because when i found out that Jason was being accused of all this - i wanted to post a thread that hopefully would get board members to see he is a great guy to do deals with. I was trying to give an outside perspective from someone like me who has done deals with Jason for years - and from someone who has talked to Jason several times on the phone. Just seriously call Jason (broncomannign) if you have any doubts about the guy.

If you can honestly call and talk to him, and you still have your doubts - well then that's your decision to make - but it seems like anyone who has taken the time to talk to him or get to know him more than just trying to believe false rumors that board members have spread about him - these people all know broncomanning is one of the nicest most honest human beings you will ever meet.

Hey i have a good sense of humor too - and yes I KNOW i write alot - always have, always will - i'm just waiting for like 56 more awesome responses about "oh stop w/ the love letters", "stop gushing", blah blah. Look i know i wrote alot in the opening of the thread - as some thing i write too much i think many of you write not enough, and many of you just write crap to accuse innocent people of being criminals when they are not - what those who accused jason of are accusing him IS A BIG DEAL - and i think it is terrible for people to do that when he would never be in on anything like that.

CALL AND TALK TO HIM - if you do that, and still think that Jason is capable of scamming anyone, i will laugh at that!

People are reaching for things to accuse him for now and that is simply wrong.
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