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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
I side with Dan on this one.

i understand that you can't expect people to have a photographic memory, but you would *think* somebody would remember a transaction they made with a member that completely and utterly #@#@#@#@ed this place less than a month later.

you would think so. Especially when he was so quick after the scam broke to post a list of cards asking for them back as well as ask for a dollar from each person.

meh, shrugs. if you guys want to be lemmings, fall for it again. give him a dollar too. (speaking of which, did bronco give back the dollars he got from people's sympathy now that paypal saved his life?)

and he really could just be a victim, but he's dumb enough to give away 11k plus cards without payment, he really needs a new hobby. Regardless, he's been tainted by this situation and i just don't know if I could trust him.
Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
ya know, Haiku talked to people on the phone. look how well that worked out.
Thank you, Andy! Somebody who see's past the tears.
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