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Hahaha yea I was suspended because of this. We both did, for him making post that were uncalled for and me being a hot head trying to figure out where I ever said I was a tough guy in real life. Telling him I was going to make his life hell on here was stupid on my behalf. As for me following him around from thread to thread, never happened.

If you have a problem with me, please go ahead and find the block feature.

I'm not going to go sleepless tonight.

Originally Posted by MetDude View Post
I havent the slightest shred of proof one way or another to make an informed decision regarding Bronco.

On the other hand,
I know Dan will still defend a twice banned toolbag who was highly abusive.
I also recall seeing he was recently suspended.
And I also recall this thread where he was well over the top with someone
and cant help but assume it was the cause
OMG Biggest Steal That Ive Had In A Long Time!!

So I can make an informed decision regarding Dan.

But I wouldnt follow him around from thread to thread to point it out.
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