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Clark and Dan -if you guys want to believe things that are not true, that is your choice - but don't keep speculating and trying to get people to think Jason is some bad guy when it is not true. Just because Jason got scammed by a guy he trusted does not make it right for you to keep accusing him of something he did not do. Stop and think for a second how bad that would feel to be falsely accused of something you did not do. I mean it - really stop and do this. Nothing is worse than falsely accusing people. Nothing.

As far as talking to people by phone - so now everyone you talk to on the phone wil scam you? I have talked to alot of people I've met through here and on Ebay - it is still a good way to do buisness. To each their own i guess. Just because you got scammed by someone else - don't accuse Jason of being a scammer. Because that is a totally false statement.
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