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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
They won't, I laugh when people think NASCAR is staged. If it was, Dale Junior would of won a championship by now. Heck, NASCAR penazlied him in 2004, possibly costing him the title. NASCAR isn't staged. It isn't hard to get the pole at Daytona, just need a fast car.
Wouldn't surprise me at all if SHR gave Danica a better car than Tony and Ryan because she needs more help from her equipment than they do.

Not to mention winning the pole means less for the Daytona 500 than for any other race in terms of winning.

I think the polesitter has an average finish of about 16th the last ten years or so.

Brad Keselowski is a perfect example. Didn't win one pole last year because his team wasn't great at setting up cars for fast qualifying runs, then he goes out and wins when it counts: on raceday.
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