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Originally Posted by DanShakespeare View Post
Hahaha yea I was suspended because of this. We both did, for him making post that were uncalled for and me being a hot head trying to figure out where I ever said I was a tough guy in real life. Telling him I was going to make his life hell on here was stupid on my behalf. As for me following him around from thread to thread, never happened.

If you have a problem with me, please go ahead and find the block feature.

I'm not going to go sleepless tonight.
Similarly , you can block bronco not deal with him and that is that.
No need to badger him.
And you couldve blocked the guy in that thread or not responded instead going down the road you chose.

You could also look at Haikus feedback and chase down every single person that left him feedback mutliple times on the same day. how many of those you think were false ?

Instead you focus on this one guy against whom you have ZERO evidence on. other them PM ing me with some lameass story about what if gator told you that haiku said ... Like anyone should believe that one banned member told the truth about another banned member telling him something from a guy who just got off suspension and defends yet another banned member.

Simply put, you have no credibility in my eyes.

Id like to think that paypal is trying to track down whoever scammed THEM,
and that whoever was involved will eventually sow what they have reaped.
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