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Originally Posted by justice41 View Post
Those Z-cards look great. I was so afraid to tear the paper on those I didn't do colors on any but one. I only painted the cards.
Yeah, the paper does seem kinda thin, so I can see why you did colors only on the cards and not the paper. The markers definitely did bleed through to the back of the paper on the ones that did color on the paper.

Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
i like the plo koon. for sale?
Sorry, the Plo Koon is for my set, so it isn't for trade/sale.

I almost didn't get the Plo Koon at all today, since it was sent in a PWE, and someone between Wisconsin and Texas tampered with the envelope. The end of the envelope was sliced open, and I can tell that the card was removed since the team bag the toploader was in was also cut at the end since it was wider than the toploader and wouldn't come out of the envelope. Luckily it looks like the thief didn't want the sketch card or didn't know it was worth anything, since he put it back in the envelope, and luckily it didn't fall out during the rest of the trip. Pretty crazy, huh? Here's a pic of the envelope, as you can see they cut exactly enough to get the toploaders out of the envelope...
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