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Originally Posted by FBGuy13 View Post

Razorsharp79 - i just saw you said something about "OP signed up in 2007" blah blah - ok so now you are trying to think that broncomanning opened my account as well - this is rediculous - i'm a good member who has tried to help clear Jason's name - and I'd do this for anyone who has been so wrongly and falsely accused. See this is how things get out of control - I've seen so many rediculous comments now trying to make ME the OP the bad guy??? Unreal - my reputation stands for itself and those who know me and have bought/sold deals from/to me know i am a great member to deal with. The purpose of this thread was to clear a persons name.
I have never heard of you on ebay or here before until this thread and I buy high end cards all the time. Yet you sell Jason thousands of dollar worth of cards...ok cool story

You just wrote the biggest ass kissing post in blowout history...why did you do it? You did your part, he did his part...congrats...send one another a PM and thank one another. Posts like yours make me even more are trying to pump him up and most can see right thru it. It serves no purpose to glorify someone the way you did with Broncomanning18..

And when broncomanning sends me a PM asking me why I think he is a scammer, the first thought that comes to mind is he is one...that is my opinion of him or anyone else whose first question is "why do you think"... If someone accused me and I was innocent I would not give two shits what he thought of me. I know my conscious is clear and would tell him to go suck a doorknob... But he wants to know what I know so he can create another excuse, another alibi.

Once he told you he was out for Hong Kong, what did you say? You were speaking on his behalf, direct convo, and had more money tied up with him than anyone. Yet you calmly said everyone just file a claim.

30 mins later you were assuring a member he would be fine and not to panic, no scam was happening...this after announcing on Haikus behalf everyone should file claims bc he simply went out of town, but later you say his wife was having miscarriage or something

also what time did bronco realize between 2:30am and 8:46AM he was scammed and out of money so he decided he needed to ask for 1 from everyone to help him...?

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