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Default FT: Can anybody use these Topps '52 chrome insert cards?

I ended up getting some chrome insert cards from the 2006 Topps '52 set in a lot I bought that I don't really need. I wanted to know if anybody could use these cards to complete a set. Cards are numbered out of 1952 or 552.

Cole Hamels TCRC57 #/1952
Jonathan Broxton TCRC55 #/1952
Aaron Rakers TCRC51 #/1952
Enrique Gonzalez TCRC75 #/1952
Josh Sharpless TCRC89 #/1952
Alofonso Soriano DFC17 #/1952

Sean Green TCRC23 #/552 refractor
James Shields TCRC8 #/552 refractor
Ryan Shealy TCRC33 #/552 refractor

Pics available upon request. PM me if interested.
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