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Man how have I missed this post...

Originally Posted by bullingham View Post
They should try to include a couple old guys before they croak, like Vern Gagne Nick Bockwinkel, and Harley Race. Mae Young would be a lot better than any modern women cards i can think of if they insist on having those again. Then fill up the rest with 80's and 90' stars who haven't signed before.
I think this is the way they should go - I don't know how sales would go if they went with a lot of classics.

Originally Posted by TheHeel View Post
I would love to see this for SportKings - Ted Turner, McMahon and Heyman cuts.

Might be difficult to fit on one card but would like to see it.
I don't think Heyman fits in here (if we are going for influence) - however if they were going for a 90's set - definitely. I think Bill Watts and Sam Mushnick would be more influential promoters - plus the Stampede guy up in Calgary and whoever was running Texas with Von Erichs and Freebirds.

Originally Posted by pnft17 View Post
Bock would be a nice add. Some more AWA legends like Mad Dog Vachon, Baron Von Raschke the Clawmaster, Jesse Ventura, Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzel, Jumbo Tsurita, Inoki, Otto Wantz..

Really hoping they get some of the Memphis legends to sign. I know Lawler is out with him WWE. Would love to see Austin Idol, Fabulous Ones Stan Lane and Steve Keirn, Tommy Wildfire Rich, Jimmy Boogie Woogie Man from NYC Valiant, Jim Cornette, Dundee, King Kong Bundy ect......lot guys went through there.
I would like to seem them do a theme or a time frame - I would love to see ones with Oniki and Mil Mascaras. Hell there are so many themes they could do this for years and I would buy them.
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