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Finally get a chance to update, I got 8 nice ttm successes.

Jaroslav Halak
C/O St. Louis Blues in 252 days, signed 1/1
Nice success from the starting goalie for the St Louis Blues, I sent a bunch of hockey requests before the lockout and I hope some of them start to come in.

Irone Singleton AKA T-Dog from the Walking Dead
C/O Raleigh Studios in Atlanta in 130 days, signed 1/1
I always like getting the Walking Dead successes in and the only other cast member I sent to was Norman Reedus(Daryl). To bad T-Dog got killed off the show right when he was starting to get more lines.

Taijuan Walker
C/O Seattle Mariners Spring Training in 24 days, signed 2/2
Really nice success from one of the best prospects in the Mariners system, Im doing the Heritige minor league set so I am really happy to get this one back.

Rymer Liriano
C/O San Diego Padres Spring Training in 23 days, signed 2/2
Another nice spring training success from one of the best prospects in the Padres organazation, needed the card for my set. To bad he got hurt and I hope for a fast recovery

Karl Mecklenburg
C/O his home in Colorado in 53 days, signed 2/2
Nice success from one of the members of the Orange crush, needed the fan favorites card for my set.

Ozzie Newsome
C/O the Baltimore Ravens in 48 days, signed 3/3
One of the most reliable hall of fame ttm signers, really happy to get both the all-american and the fan favorites for my sets.

Dominick Cruz
C/O his gym in 66 days, signed 3/3
Cool success from the #1 rated bantamweight and is the current champion. He also added the dominator inscriptions to each card which is really cool.

Jose Aldo
I sent this Via Venue to UFC 156 and its my first Via Venue success. Aldo is the current featherweight champion, and he is moving up to lightweight to fight Anthony Pettis. I sent the jumbo threads relic and he signed it perfectly right on the swatch.

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