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Originally Posted by Kkkruiserdaddy7 View Post
Its the 1st of the month and you 3 turds arent in a line at WalMart swiping those food stamp cards? Im guessing you guys must have had a few Hungry Man dinners left over from last month? Im sure migraine ate around 5-7 days worth of meals at his local hospital(foot,knee,back,stomach, head and other misc ailments).
I'm going to have to agree with kkkruiserdaddy here. I think Migraine should stop being such a drain on society with his various serious illnesses and ailnesses. Stop making hard-working members of society, like Grand Wizard Kdaddy pay for you sick LEACHES like you.

Why do you choose to be so sick, Migraine? Is it because you like free stuff? I'm sure that hospital jello wouldn't taste so sweet if you had to pay for it... You disgust me!
Mostly gone.
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