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Default My TTM Successes

I'm going to set this up a little differently. I'm going to keep an updated list in this first post, and will also post more at the end of my thread. That way the initial list you see here will be everyone I've gotten recently, and if you want to know the timeframe of when it was received you can see it later in the thread.

This is organized in alphabetical order by first name!!!!!

"Ace" Parker - (3) c/o Home
Alan Page - +$10 c/o Foundation
Alex Smith (49ers) c/o Home x2
Andre Agassi c/o Home x2
Anfernee Hardaway c/o Home 2 jerseys
Archie Manning c/o Home
Art Donovan c/o Home +$10 (1 + 1 Goal Line Art Card)
Art Powell - c/o Home - My all time favorite success
Austin Collie c/o Team(2)
Bill Cowher - c/o Home (2)
Bill Parcells c/o Home
Bill Pickel c/o Home (3)
Billy Cannon - Impossible to get TTM, unless you have inside info. Got another one 3/20/10
Bob Chandler (Bigfoot) - c/o Work (3)
Bob Lilly (HOF) +$5 c/o Home
Bobby Bonilla c/o Home 2/2
Bonnie Blair c/o Home (5)
Boomer Esiason c/o Foundation 1 per
Brad Johnson c/o Home x3 in a year.
Brady Quinn c/o Home (one per)
Brian Cushing c/o Team (one per)
Brian Orakpo c/o Training Camp - 2x
Bruce Gradkowski c/o Home x4
Bruce Smith c/o HOF (2)
Bryan Bulaga c/o Team x2
Bryce Harper c/o Las Vegas High School
Cat Osterman (x3) c/o Home
Charley Trippi - c/o Home (3)
Chris Bahr - c/o Home (3)
Chris Hanburger c/o Home x3
Chris Weinke - c/o Home (3)
Chuck Bednarik c/o Home (2)
Clem Daniels - c/o Home (2)
Colt Brennan c/o Team (1) about a year.
Colt McCoy c/o Texas
Corseley Edwards - c/o Dakota Wizards - 1 card
Dan Rooney c/o Team (x2)
Danica Patrick - Mini Helmet c/o Danica Racing
Daryle Lamonica - C/o Home (1 per)
Dave Costa c/o home (2)
David Ackers - c/o Email (2 8x10s)
DeMarcus Ware c/o Team
Dennis Dixon c/o Team (2)
Dick Groat - Signed Duke jersey c/o Home
Dick LeBeau - c/o Home (2)
Dirk Nowitzski - c/o Team - Jersey
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie c/o Team
Donovan McNabb c/o Training Camp (one per)
Don Mosebar c/o Home
Drew Brees c/o Home (one per)
Dustin Ackley c/o Team (2)
Elvin Bethea - FAILURE - Wants $
Emmitt Smith c/o Home - 4X6 Postcard - Have seen PSA/DNA authenticated ones so I'm pretty sure it's real
Floyd Little - Failure Wants $15/card now that he's a HOF
Fernando Valenzuela c/o Home 1 per
Frank Gore - C/o Team One Per
Frank Wycheck c/o Radio Station (2) On same card signed by Dyson for the Music City Miracle!!
Fred Davis c/o Redskins in about 9 months
Gary Player - 2 8x10 Photos (email)
George Blanda c/o Home (1 per)
Golden Tate c/o team TC x2
Greg Jennings c/o Team (2)
Greg Norman - 2 8x10s c/o Email
Heath Miller c/o Team (2)
Herb Adderly (HOF) +$5 c/o Home - Also included a signed Ron Mix Art Card Gold Version
Jacoby Ford - c/o Team (3)
Jairus Byrd c/o Team (2) - 6 months
Jairus Byrd c/o Team (1) - Replaced one that was bad from before
Jake PLummer c/o Home - Jersey
James Earl Jones - 3 4x6 pics c/o Home
James Laurinatis c/o Team
Jared Allen c/o Team - Got him twice. One got (2) cards, and the other got game used pair of shoes auto'd!!!
Jared Veldheer c/o Team (x3)
Jason Kidd c/o Team - Jersey!!
Jason Taylor - Signed Preprint Card FAILURE c/o Home
Jeff George - c/o Home Jersey and 7 Cards!!
Jeff Judkins c/o Email - LONG TIME
Jennie Finch c/o Windmill 2/2
Jerry Hughes c/o Team x1
Jerry Jones c/o Team x 2
Jim Craig c/o Home x3
Jim Davis - Garfield Creator c/o Email in 5 days!!
Jimmy Buffett - c/o Key West Margaritaville (2)
Joe DeLamielleure c/o Home x1
Joe Perry (HOF) +$10 c/o Home
Joe Schmidt - c/o Home (3) photos
John Carlson - c/o Team (2)
John Travolta c/o Home (x4)
Jordy Nelson c/o Team (2)
Josh Cribbs c/o Home
Julian Edelman c/o Team TC (x2)
Justin Leonard c/o Email (2) in about 4 days!
Keith Millard c/o Home (4)
Ken Morrow c/o Home (x2)
Kenny Stabler c/o Home (2)
Kent Hrbek c/o TV Show (2)
Kerri Strug (2) c/o Home
Lamaar Houston (3) c/o Team
Lee Roy Selmon c/o Home (2)
Lester Hudson - c/o Dakota Wizards (5)
Manon Rheaume c/o Work (2)
Marc Bulger - Jersey and 3 cards c/o Home in 2 weeks.
Mark Gastineau - c/o Home (3)
Mark Grace (4) c/o Home
Mark Sanchez (2)
Marv Levy (HOF) c/o Home
Matt Blair c/o Home (1 plus 1 of his)
Matt Forte c/o Team (STAMPED)
Matt Giordano c/o Team
Matt Moore c/o Team (x3)
Matt Shaub - c/o Training Camp x2
Mia Hamm - Returned Unsigned, and Kept Donation
Micahel Vick c/o Levenworth Correctional Center
Mike Ditka - c/o Home x2 in 266 days
Mike Mitchell - c/o Team (2)
Mike Munchak (HOF) (2) c/o Home
Misty May-Treanor - c/o Home 4x6 (2)
Mervyn Fernandez (Home) x4!!
Muggsy Bouges - (3 of mine, 1 of his)
Nancy Cartwright c/o Work x1
Nate "Tiny" Archibold - c/o Home (4)
Nick Buoniconti c/o Home x2
Oshiomogho Atogwe - (2) c/o Team
Ozzy Osbourne c/o Home
Pat Neshek (9) c/o Team
Patrick Willis c/o team (2)
Paul Pauslusky (Spelling?) c/o Team x1
Pawn Stars - (2) c/o Store
Paul Tagliabue c/o Home (2)
Peyton Manning - Jersey!!!!
Priest Holmes - jersey w/donation c/o Foundation
Ralph Wilson Jr - c/o Home
Raymond Berry - 6/3 c/o Home
Ray Guy x2 c/o Home
Rayfield Wright (HOF) c/o Home
Rickey Jackson c/o Home (x2)
Robert Parish c/o Home 5/5
Roddy White c/o Team
Roger Craig - Game Used Glove c/o Home
Russ Grimm - c/o Home (2)
Ryan Clady - c/o Team (2)
Sarah Palin - c/o Home (2)
Sebastian Janikowski c/o Home (X4) 2 signed, 1 personalized to me, and 1 personalized to my son!
Sebastian Janikowski c/o Home - Jersey, 2 - 8x10s, 2-4x6s
Shawn Springs - Jersey c/o Team
Steve Yzerman - sent jersey to Redwings. Returned unsigned
Steven Jackson c/o Team x1
Terrell Davis - c/o Home RETURN TO SENDER - REFUSED
Terrell Suggs c/o Home - (1 of 2) SIgned my RC, and kept my jersey card
Terry Bradshaw c/o Home (1 of 2)
Tim Salmon c/o Team
Toby Gerhart c/o Team x2
Todd Marinovich c/o Home (4) - Only because I had a double card of him and Stabler that Stabler had already signed
Steve Garvey - Not sure where.... 8x10 Photo
Tommy McDonald - FAILURE - $25 Donation
Travis Goethel c/o Team (3) pics
Tyrone Braxton c/o Home (12)
Vince Carter - Jersey c/o Home!!!!
Walter McFadden c/o Team (3)
Warren Moon c/o HOF
Zach Miller (Raiders) c/o Team (2), Jersey, 3 Cards

As always, if anyone needs a football player addy, LMK. I have 85-90% of the living FOOTBALL players available.
Need customs done?? Contact Alifaxwa2 !!!!!

My HOF Autograph PC Needs: Charles Bidwill Sr

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