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I'm not even a Basketball fan, and I just feel bad for the basketball collectors for this, ((especially since this is a basketball promo)) that there is only 1 product to choose from made after 2009-2010.... also for football, wish there was more options for 2012 than Press Pass Sports Town...Shoot I guess the baseball guys are wishing the same thing... I understand newer product is easier to move on a regular schedule, but if the prices are slightly elevated to your normal sale prices, isn't that a good business move?

I'm a Math guy... So I would add up the four prizes (the 4 cases), see how much the total cost of those 4 cases are.... Divide that by 64 (amount of promo slots), and then make sure each box listed is elevated at least by that number in comparison to their normal sale price...

Also... If someone gets a box of a product for $40, than a 16 box case should at least show some type of slight discount, rather than it being the same price straight forward ($640 for a 16-box case divided by 16 boxes and you still get $40 a box)... Even if the discount for getting a full case is only 5-10 bucks, there should still be a little incentive to buy a full case rather than an individual box.

I'm not trying to complain rather just stress how this can equal much better business, because I've never seen one of your guys promos start out this slow to fill!

I'm likely going to join, but I might wait a little, not sure!
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