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For what it is worth:
PEOPLE NEED TO STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PROMOS! BO is a business, they are in this to make money. Many places won't even run a promo to get your business. For the last x amount of promos, there has been nothing but complaints from so many people. Honestly, I think that people feel entitiled to something, just like everybody needs a trophy and a cookie, and that is not right. Scratch off lotto tickets aren't for everyone, but I don't see people all up in arms about their state running it. That is taking a chance to win something, just like this.

Do us all a favor, be thankful that Blowout offers promos that give you a chance to score something more. Be thankful that BO has a great forum here too. Be positive, and just KCCO.
~Jerry "It helps to pray to the gods of the cardboard sorter!"

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