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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Brad Ference has played FIVE NHL GAMES since 03-04. During the lockout, he wasn't able to catch on with a team in the better Euro leagues like the SEL, FNL or RHL. He wasn't even able to catch on with the second-tier leagues in Slovakia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, or even the third-tier league in Germany. No, he played in France.

If he's a 1st pairing defenseman in the NHL, then I am a lock hall of famer.

And Kronwall is in no way 1st pairing-caliber. You've clearly based your opinion on the hype you read or some Beckett article and not on actually seeing him play. I had a buddy who was the absolute biggest Kronwall slapdick in the world, talked about him as being a "solid NHL defenseman" during his rookie year, despite that clearly not being the case. Even he has backed off of the predictions of greatness, because Kronwall has just been plain disappointing.
OK, you caught me, I screwed up and was discussing the wrong Ference. My bad.

I don't really put much stock in the Beckett articles, I know of Kronwall from the Euro-leagues.

I was actually a player back in the 90s, not much of one, and when I saw Kronwall play in the Euro leagues (on TV) I was impressed.

The reason Fipulla never scored a lot in the Euro-leagues is because the league is much more defensive. There is a lot more low class stuff that goes on because the players are discouraged from policing themselves. Did you see Ovechkin or Kovalchuk the first season they were here, it looked like they had gotten out of prison.

I'm not questioning your credentials... well not much, I was prodding you a bit with the Wheaties comment and it clearly worked .

... and you went after my boy Osgood, who was one of the most popular Islanders in his tragically brief tenure (thanks Mad Mike).

... as for Eric Fehr, you can see the natural ability is there, as are the tools, I just wonder how long it will take him to develop. Power forwards take time, sometimes a lot of time like Cleary did.

Dan Cleary, 35 goals this year. Write it down.

... and since you are such a hockey wiz, why don't you join our fantasy league, you should be able to crush us mortals... but I doubt it.

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