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Originally Posted by Cactuspies View Post
that would be great. I do like the update they made where you can at least add notes such as the seller, date and price when you started to watch. that way you can see if it has changed hands or increased or decreased. but being able to have all cards added would be better than having to do all the individual ones.

actually thinking about it, the watch list does show current asking prices and if it is sold or not, but not the seller.
I am not too interested in knowing the seller, but I want to be able to see if there is a lower priced copy available for the card I am watching. Example: There are nine copies of a card I want. I click watch this item on the lowest at the time. If one of the other eight copies is reduced in price or another copy is added, the only one that shows in my watch list is the one I clicked. I would like to be able to scan my watch list and have it show the lowest priced copy available, not just the one specific copy I "added to watch list".

I am not even sure if it is something that is possible, just something I wish I could do.
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