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Default Best pull of my life!!!!

Had the monthly trade night at 401 games on Tuesday night and I was trying to unload some stuff to get a box of SPGU Golf. Sadly as the night went on I realized I couldn't make enough funds for a full box, but I did manage to have enough for the remaining two packs on the shelf and wow. In total I got 5 packs including the box I got last week and there's a double Tiger in this one! I actually got two of the same card, but one is a whole lot nicer. Without further adieu here are my hits!

And the best pull of my life that made me OMG for 5 hours and gave me chills to my spine!!!!

How do you do Mr. Woods??? ::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:

The Woods aren't going anywhere for awhile, but everything else is available for other pretty spgu stuff. I'm still in shock!!
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