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In case this helps anyone on the fence (either way), I used this contest as an opportunity to break a product that had always intrigued me but that I never opened before. I bought a "2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects "Hits" Series 1 Baseball 12 Box Case" for $660 and busted it this afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised, and feel like I got pretty good value. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites:

The Myers auto has a print run of 390, the Trout auto is a SP of unknown PR, and the Givens auto is gold parallel with a PR of 10. The Mattingly and Ford autos have a PR of 80. The gold "Between The Seams" autos have a PR of 19, and the white-seamed Brentz is a 1/1. YMMV, but I really enjoyed this break. Good luck on your own.
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