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Heck, just from WrestleCon there are a lot of great names I'd like to see in a 2013 set:

Ultimate Warrior
Jushin Liger
Brian Lee
Dan Spivey
Barry Horowitz
Paul Roma
Rocky Johnson
Rob Van Dam
Kurt Angle
Earl Hebner
Outback Jack
Kevin Sullivan
Jimmy Snuka
Mr. Fuji
Ken Patera
Demolition Ax
Demolition Smash
Danny Davis
Leilani Kai

I wouldn't even mind seeing Hogan and Bret sign again.

I'd also add the following to that list:

Max Moon
Madusa Miceli
Cyndi Lauper
Nick Bockwinkel
Verne Gagne
“Sweet” Stan Lane
Ricky Morton
Robert Gibson
Bill Dundee

As a third idea, instead of just the image or the color of the ink being different, I'd rather see cards of different personalities for the signers. Like:

Chainz for Brian Lee
Waylon Mercy for Dan Spivey
Taskmaster for Kevin Sullivan
Shockmaster for Typhoon
Repo Man for Demolition Smash
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