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Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
As for you guys...Holy crap Fleury. I can't see you guys going anywhere with him in goal. Maybe Vokoun can save you, because MAF certainly isn't to be relied on.
Ya know, it's been really frusterating as a Pens fan the last 3 season, as MAF has played poorly in the playoffs all 3 years. I do think his so-so stats are partly to blame of the teams D, which has never been great during his time here, but man, he just has too many bad games, and let's in WAY too many soft goals. He has had a good season so far. Although his stats are somewhat average, any Pens fan (or anyone who watches all of, or the majority of Pens games) will tell you that many goals he's allowed have been the result of abysmal D.

All goalies have a bad game here and there, but he is good for an atrocious game at least once every 7-8. Way too many for a starting NHL goalie. He makes some of the most athletic and impressive saves you'll ever see, then let's in goals that 5 of 8 mite goalies would stop. He is not nearly good enough to steal games more than 2-3 times a season, and is lucky that he plays behind one of the best offensive teams in the NHL.
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