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Originally Posted by CAS239 View Post
I have no idea what that show is and never heard of it until this thread..but post 15 mentioned it too
Apologies in advance for possibly derailing this thread but as a native Minnesotan, I feel it is my duty.

MST3K was a show with a shadow at the bottom that was a man and two robots that looked like this:

It all started on a public access channel (KTMA) in Hopkins, MN where they found they had the rights to terrible old movies and they could "riff" the movies real time.

Simple idea but definitely a format not for everyone. The writers were totally okay with very obscure references that no one in their right mind should get (but we're trying to maintain a wiki of it -- for example here's Joe Estevez's Werewolf).

Anyway today the show is slowly being meted out on DVD. First it was Rhino now it's Shout! Factory but they have to go back and get the publishing rights from each copyright holder as they release these things. The sets are usually four movies and run $35-$50. Some are becoming very rare now though. I also have all the rips on my computer from old VHS tapes.

There were two main hosts: Joel and Mike. Joel's efforts today are called Cinematic Titanic and I have seen them live and got to meet Joel afterward. Mike's efforts are called Rifftrax. Rifftrax took a novel approach and started selling mp3s for $1-$3 that you would then play over your own DVD copy so they could get popular movies. I recently contributed to a Kickstarter so they could riff Twilight live.

Anyway, here's a sample of MST3K, Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic. Yes, I realize those aren't your favorites and I apologize in advance.

But yeah, there'd be some irresponsible spending on my part if they made a card set of this stuff!

Now, back to your show selections!
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