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Originally Posted by Metsfan1121 View Post
How I met your mother
Whose line is it anyway
Maybe Two and a Half Men
Did you see that Whose Line is it Anyway is returning? Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Aisha Taylor (instead of Drew Carey).

Aside from that, I didn't realize the anti-me existed but looking at your favorites list, it appears we should never shake hands lest we both annihilate each other a la A Brief History of Time :-)

I accidentally saw part of a Charlie Sheen sitcom last night while waiting for Archer to start and I think seeing something so horrible made Archer even funnier.

I know I'm in the minority as the Nielson ratings continue to frighten and confuse me ... oh well, I'm sure your list would get a card set well before any of the ones I mentioned!

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