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Default Selling some books auction style, all starting very low. Special offers for Junkees.

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So I've decided to list some books on feebay. I started all my auctions for these lots very low in my opinion. I figured I would share them with you.

Full run of nowhere men (all printings) Starting at $40

Full death of the family diecut set plus detective comics #15 sketch variant, starting at $40

Superior Spiderman Midtown + Hastings variant starting at $35

A copy of walking dead weekly #2 starting at $10(Why not right?)

And a Full run of Saga 1-10 starting at $100

If any Junkee wins any of these, PM me and I will offer Free shipping. In addition, I have my Saga lot stated that if BIN is used, I will throw in a free copy of a NM Ghost Variant. If any Junkee wins this, even not at the BIN Price, I will still throw in the Ghost variant for free.

I was told that Junkees don't pay feebay prices, so I listed them far under their current value. Figured I would just extend some additional promotions to the people here.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.
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