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Default Leaf Best of Hockey - Jacques Plante

My name is Ingrid Hardy (waves "hi"), and just wanted to post saying I've done a small number of hand-painted sketch cards for the upcoming Best of Hockey '13 from Leaf Trading Cards. I can't wait to show them, each one is an original, and each card is a different player. Except for Joe Sakic - I did two of him, because he used to play for the Nordiques and that was the only team I ever really followed. (I'm a horse person, to be honest)

I haven't had permission to show any cards yet, but will when allowed to. If you would like, visit my site or blog for a view of some of artwork... The Rabid Horse ArtBlog

Rabid Horse

Thank you for letting me spew!
Rabid Horse Artwork (Ingrid Hardy) -

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