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Default aggie4ever's UD Captain America movie sketch set

Last year, I went a little crazy, and bought a couple cases of UD's Captain America set each time DA had them on sale, and ended up breaking 14 cases. I finally got around to sorting and scanning all of the sketch cards, and got to see how close I was to having 1 sketch from each artist. So now I am working on completing the set, although it may take me awhile since I need several high $ sketches, and several of the artists I need did a very limited number of sketches. But I guess that's part of the fun of chasing these down!

Sketch cards 1-36

Melike Acar (21): NEEDED
Jason Adams (35): Captain America
Irma Ahmed (99): Medusa

Kate Bradley (18): NEEDED
George Calloway (22): Captain America
Joel Carroll (63): Captain America

Jim Cheung (27): Captain America
Wendy Chew (18): Tony Stark
Joyce Chin (28): Black Widow

Hamilton Cline (86): Blackout
Eugene Commodore (47): Captain America
Katie Cook (22): Captain America

Aston Roy Cover (79): Hawkeye
George Davis (40): Red Skull
George Deep (33): Silver Surfer

Zane Donnellan (36): Captain America
Remi Dousset (37): Baron Zemo
Michael Duron (96): Speedball

John Evangelista (74): Hornet
Chris Foreman (63): Doctor Strange
Jerry Gaylord (40): Red Skull

Kevin Gentilcore (77): Capwolf
Bruce Gerlach (45): Captain America
Dan Gorman (86): Miss America (?)

Kevin Graham (27): Captain America
Matt Grigsby (10): WWII soldiers
Charles Hall (38): Captain America

John Haun (39): Captain America
Mark Henry (32): Luke Cage
Ben Herrera (48): Black Widow

John Hughes (85): Falcon
Jose Jaro (12): NEEDED
Frank Kadar (39): Wasp

Ryan Kincaid (87): WWII Captain America
Brian Kong (45): Captain America
Lak Lim (44): Yellow Claw

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