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Default Amber N Shelton's Art Thread

My For Sale Thread
FS - Amber occasionally draws on sketch covers

Commission Info

You guys are so good to me here, I keep having to repeat my commission spiel in PMs so I decided to write it out here!
I tend to be booked well in advance, so if you want instant turnaround I'm unfortunately not going to be your girl. Instead, I have a list. If you contact me and think you might want on the list, I give a very rough estimate (eg. "April/May"). When I'm coming up on your spot in the list I'll contact you to a) make sure you still want the commission, b) make sure I have the details right and c) give you some time to make sure you'll have the money available I don't take money until after the commission is approved and I have absolutely no problem with anyone cancelling at any time before I start the work. All I ask is that you let me know.

Work outstanding list here (check up on me, s'all good!):
Tentative prices and AP availability here:
Sets I've been on listed here:
Gallery of sketchcards here:

Initial Post

I'm Amber and I've been doing sketchcards since 2009 (charity) or 2010 (paid). No, I haven't worked for Rittenhouse*/UD/Topps, etc. I have worked for a ton of the small companies, though I tend to mostly get picked up for artist-run sets.
...And now Cryptozoic, which is great because I have always been a DC girl. Actually, I didn't hear about DC: The New 52 until it was announced. I emailed George to ask if he would consider me for any future DC sets and he asked me to fill in on that set for some artists that had quit

*April 2014 Edit: I have now started working for Rittenhouse. Still no UD or Topps, etc though

Some current previews and APs -

Asylum Studios' Blood and Glory

Badaxe Studios' Bombshells

Perna Studios' Spellcasters


art -
BO sale thread -

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