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Default Amber N Shelton's Art Thread

Commission Info

You guys are so good to me here, I keep having to repeat my commission spiel in PMs so I decided to write it out here!
I tend to be booked well in advance, so if you want instant turnaround I'm unfortunately not going to be your girl. Instead, I have a list. If you contact me and think you might want on the list, I give a very rough estimate (eg. "April/May"). When I'm coming up on your spot in the list I'll contact you to a) make sure you still want the commission, b) make sure I have the details right and c) give you some time to make sure you'll have the money available I don't take money until after the commission is approved and I have absolutely no problem with anyone cancelling at any time before I start the work. All I ask is that you let me know.

Work outstanding list here (check up on me, s'all good!):
Tentative prices and AP availability here:
Sets I've been on listed here:
Gallery of sketchcards here:

Initial Post

I'm Amber and I've been doing sketchcards since 2009 (charity) or 2010 (paid). No, I haven't worked for Rittenhouse/UD/Topps, etc. I have worked for a ton of the small companies, though I tend to mostly get picked up for artist-run sets.
...And now Cryptozoic, which is great because I have always been a DC girl. Actually, I didn't hear about DC: The New 52 until it was announced. I emailed George to ask if he would consider me for any future DC sets and he asked me to fill in on that set for some artists that had quit

Some current previews and APs -

Asylum Studios' Blood and Glory

Badaxe Studios' Bombshells

Perna Studios' Spellcasters


art -

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