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Originally Posted by og_monster View Post
^^^^^^^ yea you guys should
I would love to see what Topps has to say and that's if they respond.Somebody needs to get a answer out of Topps because this can cause alot of damage to the hobby and if those cards have backs then you pretty much can see a decline in what final sales of super's and would cause a uproar with in the hobby

Topps should never allow uncut sheets out to the general public and they should be all distriod.But then again Topps has done some stupid things in the past by throwing #@#@#@#@ out in there dumpsters.

I use to hear all kind of BS in the local hobby stores when I was young.I live near the Duryea plant where the cards use to be made.I seen all kinds of uncut sheets at the local flea markets.

1 time a dealer was telling me people where coming in there shop with zip lock bags of old baseball,Hockey,Basketball and football packs and people where walking in and this was going on for weeks and he thought something was wrong and figured they where stolen so he decline buying any of them.

Owe well the cards are no longer made in Duryea and I am sure they have learned from people dumpster diving back in the 80's and early 90's.

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