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Default 2012/13 Contenders mini case (6 hobby boxes)

First off, let me preface I have no idea about basketball, all I know is I think if I am lucky I will get 30% of my spend back. If ya'll can make recommendations guidance on cards that might be worth holding if any or if there are even standard singles that are worth something in basketball like Kobe Bryant cards that I can send to comc and make back over .30 list cost, I appreciate all the help I can get

Rookie auto
John Jenkins gold /10
Jared sullinger
Bismarck biyombo
Festu ezelli
Jeremy Tyler
Andrew Nicholson
Orlando Johnson
Darius marks
Jae crowder
Malik Wayne's
Chandler parsons
Kevin Murphy
Brandon knit
Nolan smith
Robert scare (2)
Jordan Hamilton
Marquise Teague
Aren't moultrie (2)

Substantial signatures
Norris cool 1clr/149
Brook Lopez 4clr/10

Contenders materials
Chris mullin 3clr/10
Blake griffin 1clr /79

Low numbered
Gorman dragic/25
Emerald okafor/5

Rookie of year insert
Thomas Robinson (2)
Meyers lenard
Moe harmless
Andre Drummond (2)
John Henson
Michael Kidd-glichrist (2)
Bradley beal

Btw, What is the case hit? Is it worth grabbing the other half of the case or did I get as good as its going to get?
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